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In retrospect I don't wanna miss school theatre in high-school, because it taught me self-esteem (regardless of age, I think I can highly recommend theatre anytime. It's scary, but sohoho worth it!). Granted, having a kick-ass director and his experienced colleagues helps a lot!
Although you find this one under 'experience', I don't wanna miss my time with the military, because it just was something else: Hard and intense but always fair!
The undergrad taught me new ways of thinking, researching, analysizing and presenting my work.
And the post-grad allowed me to utilize all of this into additional personal projects!

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Master of Arts


European Anthropology (ongoing) covering:

  • Empiricism
  • Communication
  • Media
  • Consumption
  • Mobilty
  • Mortality
  • Cultural Theory

Most interesting work

An empirical data-driven term paper, graded A+, investigating the question "Why are news?"


Münster University International Model United Nations (MUIMUN):

  • Delegate at the Münster University International Model United Nations (MUIMUN) in 2012
  • Delegate with an honorable mention at the Münster University International Model United Nations (MUIMUN) in 2013

ABIDA Assessing Big Data:

  • Attending Specialist conference 2016 - ABIDA Assessing Big Data

Center for Information Technology - Zentrum für Informationsverarbeitung (ZIV):

  • Introduction to Programming in C++
  • Introduction to Programming in Java
  • Introduction to Programming in Python
  • Introduction to SQL/MySQL
  • Data analysis with SPSS: Beginners course
  • Data analysis with SPSS: Intermediate course
  • Excel I: Beginners course
  • Excel II: Continuation course
  • Excel III: Intermediate course
  • Excel IV: Statistics
  • Data collection and analysis with GrafStat
  • Website Development with Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Cloud-based presentations with Prezi

Career Service WWU:

  • Project management basics
  • Job application training Germany
  • Planning and organizing overseas internships
  • Application in English
  • How to find a job in the NGO sector

German Red Cross:

  • Practical exercise for disaster relief

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Bachelor of Science


Sociology covering:

  • Statistics
  • Empiricism
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Consumer Economics
  • Social Anthropology


2-year programme for Business English covering topics such as:

  • International HR Management,
  • Principles of Marketing,
  • Mobile Marketing and Advertising,
  • Location-based Services,
  • Offshoring from Business Perspectives
  • Foreign Direct Investments

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University entrance-license/A-Levels focusing on Mechanical Engineering.


rohestheater Aachen: Theater group with 25+ year history, national reach and critical acclaim:

  • First year (2006) backstage as light board operator,
  • Second year (2007) on stage as an actor.
  • Play of 2007 went national and the group was invited to perform at the 'Berliner Festspiele', a festival sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, as well as many other industry theater meet ups.

Editor in chief of the high-school graduation newspaper (2007). If you lost your copy of the Abi-Zeitung shot me a DM here and I'll send you a PDF ;)

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