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Building onto photography, these are my efforts in video editing. Managing thousands of frames. Fascinating what cutting requires in terms of precision. We are just so used to have content presented in a certain way. Something totally different, once you try to create it yourself.

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Tornado Roetgen 2019

So my hometown got hit by a tornado in 2019. It wrecked a couple of houses and cut a trench into the forest on its way east.

This video of mine gives you an impression of it's destructive power.

AddToAny - Video - Tornado

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30-Minute Documentary about India

This one started out as an extension to the field research trip to india. The goal was to give insight into the first steps anthropology undergraduates undertake when they make first contact with the field and do not yet know what to expect. The documentary covers the entire thought-process from:

  • planning,
  • researching,
  • managing expectations and concerns,
  • traveling to the field,
  • making contact,
  • conducting field research,
  • overcoming unexpected challenges,
  • finishing up and leaving the field to finally
  • going through the post processing.

On the technical side the product was finalized with:

  • 30 minute long content
  • recording studio voice over
  • Subtitles
  • DVD format
  • Cover
  • Label
  • Menue
  • Chapter division
  • small scale production volume

AddToAny - Video - India