Painting on the Canvas of the 21st Century


My parents wanted me to grow up with the internet

With the help of my grand parents, they bought, even for todays standards, a ridiculously high-end PC. Being able to grow up with such a thing, I quickly learned that you can't split up the operating system to two drives just to make space for your games. With Dial-up modems and wireless handsets for wireless internet access (long before WLAN went mainstream) I had all the ingredients to become quite familiar with the internet and computers in general.

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Business Website

Built and maintained a website for a professional purpose from scratch on a content management system (CMS), including:

  • template coding in HTML, CSS and a little Javascript and PHP,
  • layout and graphic design
  • tailored to a subscription based business model with a 300+ subscriber base
  • including general product presentation,
  • product campaigns,
  • e-mail campaigns,
  • product recommendations based on query,
  • web shop,
  • member area with privilege and profile management,
  • database migration,
  • social media integration,
  • captcha secured contact forms,
  • HTTPS/SSL certificate implementation,
  • covering legal compliance,
  • disclaimer notice and
  • backups for emergency rollbacks and
  • testing facilities.

see here for yourself: Coaching Software MLC

AddToAny - Web - MLC

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A Webcam for our christmas lights

What to do when your siblings live in different countries and time zones...

...and you practically only get to see them during Christmas? As a built-up for this, I set out to create a very special teaser. There were still 30 meters string lights lying around from my sister's 30th birthday, soooo...that wouldn't have cut it to decorate the way I imagined!

Me: "Dad, I need your credit card!"
Dad: "What for?"
Me: "To buy 250 meters of Christmas lights"
Dad: "What are you gonna do with that??"
Me: "Hang it outside around the house and,..."
Dad: "And what?"
Me: "...and built a live streaming website for the rest of the family. You know?! For before they come over, they have something to look at, build up the atmosphere for Christmas...."
Dad: "..."
Me: ""
Dad: "You're nuts! Here you go!"

AddToAny - Web - Xmas

Personal Website

Well, you are looking at it!

I never really felt the need to have one until now, where I enter the labour market. I think of it as an extension to my applications, and do not except it to be noted IN EVERY CASE. It allows me to easily point out and present the kind of work I've done so far and the path I wanna take in the future. I hope it get's the job done and you and many others like it.

AddToAny - Web - Personal Website