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The best isn't always...

...the most interesting. At least when it comes to graded assignments. You'll find an overview of the theses i wrote and what i consider to be my most interesting writing work during college. That way, i hope you'll get an impression for the array of topics i dealt with.

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M.A. Thesis

What's the most provocative question you can think of? To me it is the question of how an embitious secular society deals with the inevitable: Death!
Not a comfortable topic, guess why... . There is no way around it, even though, now more than ever, we live a culture of possibilities. At the same time there is little to no confrontation with it. How do you resolve that, once you're affected? These are the leading questions i am answering in my final thesis.

New topic coming up,...something about data.

B.Sc. Thesis

At some point Technology also means Vulnerability. How so? If your daily routines, you grew a habit to from day one, require certain Infrastructure to enable and sustain them, which isn't without it's side effects. Some say Nuclear Power is an emotional debate, not a technical one. The Fukushima incident triggered Germany to abandon this type of Power Generation. My thesis explores the nesting of power generation for the needs of a modern society and its way of determining which means are viable, which ones aren't and why.

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Most interesting Term Papers

What most of these papers have in common, is argumentation based on data and numbers. Often it seems a lot of statements in literature are based in common sense, perceived history or are merely claims. Sounds plausible? Good enough! Arguing based on numbers makes the process so much easier! It Further provides context for future reference. Try to do that with texts or sources which are heavily affected by the circumstances and times in which they've been written.

  • Why are News? Thinking globally and caring locally - News as a Tool to create a Sense of Certainty
  • Socio-Economical Challenges regarding current Demographic Circumstances and Trends in Germany and France
  • Vulnerability and Hurricane Katrina - What Determines the Extend of Affectedness?
  • Structures of Trust within Social Networks
  • Employability through Training - The Employee as an Entrepreneur in its own Right

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Best Term Papers

Solid papers, well graded with A's and B's:

  • Weber VS. Luhmann - Comparison to determine Extend and Reach of Informal Subsystems
  • Pilgrimage in the 21st Century - The Hadj in Saudi Arabia/Mekka
  • Mastering the Daily Routine - The Elderly between Autonomy and Dependency
  • Preschool Structures during the Cold War - Comparison between West and East Germany
  • Design of Public Spaces - An Ethnomethodological Account on Queuing
  • Dirty Work - Society's less well known Jobs
  • "Managing" with the Suppressed - How does the "rational" 21st Century deal with its Deceased?
  • Luxury Foods - Cocktails as Mirrors of their Time
  • Hired and Fired - Pirates between the Old and the New World

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